Terms of Use

It is the responsibility of users

The heavenface.com website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website") is used by everyone at their own risk. The Service Provider shall not take any responsibility for the damages and inconveniences suffered on the Website.

The user is required to comply with the Website's policy. If you detect an irregularity, you must be scrambling towards online moderators.

User is required to:

- respect existing legislation
- to respect the privacy and personal rights of others
- respect intellectual property rights, copyright rules.
- refrain from any activity that is illegal or harms the interests of others.
- refrain from committing criminal offenses or offenses.
- refrain from collecting third party information that is unauthorized.
- refrain from any manifestation that causes others to stumble.
- abstain from any manifestation that violates other views (ethnic, religious, political).
- refrain from any activity that impedes other users in their intended use.
- refrain from any activity that obstructs the Website in its intended use.
- refrain from any activity aimed at advertising other services.
- refrain from any activity that may void the Website with false statements.
- refrain from creating multiple user profiles (multiacc).

Procedure for violating the user's behavior

If the user violates the aforementioned points, the Service Provider may suspend the user.
Before suspending, the Service Provider warns the user about the offending behavior and asks for it to be terminated.
Notice can be omitted if the user has committed a manifest infringement.

The User may request the Service Provider if he or she infringes on the content on the site and violates his / her privacy rights to block objectionable content. Proof of the claimant's claim must be duly substantiated. In this case, it will be 30 days to present the certificate to add the procedure. The Service Provider can release blocked content to the organs of the acting organ according to the law.

The Service Provider's Responsibility

The Service Provider undertakes to do its utmost to ensure the smooth operation of the service.
To enforce the policy with the users. The Service Provider strives to cooperate with users and to resolve disputes peacefully.
The Service Provider does not take responsibility for the behavior of users.
The Service Provider does not take responsibility for the images posted by users.

Chat Policy

- It is forbidden to publish false, misleading, insulting, scolding information on the data sheet!
- Do not violate the privacy of other users!
- Prohibited provocation, hatred, racist incitement, insults against other users!
- Discrimination on minorities, racial, linguistic, religious, political grounds is prohibited!
- It is forbidden to use a username that contains annoying, insulting words or scandalizing others!
- It is forbidden to write personal information to public areas!
- It is forbidden to upload unlawful content!
- It is forbidden to advertise other competing services!
- Flooding is forbidden! Multiple repetition of the same word!
- Spamming is forbidden! Continuous use of unrelated, meaningless strings!
- No shouting! Talking with CAPS LOCK for extended periods of time!
- No quarrel on common surfaces!
- It is forbidden to publish the content of private conversations to public places, without the consent of the other party!
- Any erotic content chat with anyone under the age of 14 is prohibited!


Moderators are users with the highest authority in the Web site order.
If you experience a violation of the law, you have the right to decide on sanctions.
Moderators have the duty to warn, call upon then banned.
Moderators have a duty to work in a team.
Moderators publicly do not argue with each other for this is the designated room.

HeavenFace Team.